Strategic Investment and Finance

Strategic Investment and Finance


Michael Hedegaard


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Strategic Investment and Finance is a comprehensive course book covering investment and finance analysis from a strategic perspective. It explains classical theories and models of investment and finance, and uses examples and case studies to illustrate their application to concrete business challenges.

The emphasis is on providing insights into how investment analysis and finance decisions are made in real life and how to apply these concepts in a practical setting in order to give the best results.

The book links investment and finance theory with business strategy in a way which offers a new, dynamic perspective on investment analysis. This book is geared towards undergraduate or graduate studies enrolled in introductory to intermediate level courses in investment analysis, finance, and business strategy.

In this 3rd edition of Strategic Investment and Financing, the book has been particularly updated in relation to topics such as internationalization, developments in interest rates and inflation, crowdfunding, sustainability, and Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) investment. Additionally, more examples and cases have been included throughout the book to illustrate practical applications.


Michael Hedegaard is Associate Professor at DTU with particular focus on how technology and innovation is transferred into sustainable business and development. He has more than 25 years of experience in international finance and business development on emerging markets and teaching experience from CBS and DIS. He is author of “Globalisation and the International Economy”.