Project Portfolio Management

Project Portfolio Management

– an organizational perspective


Anna Lund Jepsen, Eva Riis


345 kr

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Around a third of all the work in Western economies is done via projects. It is therefore vital for both private and public organizations to manage their project portfolios effectively. This book equips managers and master’s students with comprehensive knowledge of project portfolio management from an organizational perspective. It emphasizes the organizational roles involved and how portfolio management is rooted in and works with the organization. 

Based on sound academic research, the book offers guidance on selecting and organizing the right projects, as well as the operational processes of portfolio management. It explains how to undertake these processes considering the organization’s resources, and how to balance the project portfolio in a way that makes the best use of the available resources while generating as much value as possible. 

The book also presents a model for implementing project portfolio management and the preconditions for doing so, and it identifies the decisions that must be made prior to implementation. Finally, the book discusses how to manage the project portfolio’s many internal stakeholders, as well as issues of sustainability and agility related to project portfolio management.