Power in Projects, Programs and Portfolios

Power in Projects, Programs and Portfolios


John Ryding Olsson, Niels Ahrengot, Mette Lindegaard Attrup


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Power in Projects, Programs and Portfolios  is the best-selling Danish project management book. It highlights the immensely successful Scandinavian approach to leadership within project management, and takes a more holistic approach to project work and project management. This authoritative book deals with both classic project management disciplines, agile methods and focuses on the essential link between strategic priorities, any program´s impact and a project’s powerful execution. It takes an in depth look at areas such as chaNielsnge management, change communication, benefit tracking, program management and portfolio management.

This book offers you a large number of practical tools within projects management and leadership with on-line access to concrete and easy-to-use practical tools and templates. Recent years have seen a pronounced increase in the need for professional project managementand the careful handling of associated portfolios. This success is essential as key projects become ever more vital for the development and survival of organizations. It is no longer enough for projects to ‘just’ produce a set of deliverables. They are expected to make a genuine difference within the organization and effect that organization’s role in the wider world. Consequently, project management is not just about project managers, it’s about how senior management handle crucial portfolios successfully too. Such active project management requires power, strength, drive and energy not only within the individual project itself but also within the organization’s programs and entire project portfolio. It places new demands on both the project manager and their seniormanagement.