Children's Rights

– The Convention on the Rights of the Child in Danish Law


Trine Schultz, Anne Mørk, Hanne Hartoft


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Om bogen

This book is about children's rights seen from a legal perspective. The purpose of the book is to take a look at how children's rights are protected in the UN Convention on the Rights of the child and how they are respected in a Danish context. 

The Convention has given rise to constant discussion in legal theory - What is the status of the Convention? What legal significance does it have? How is the child protected by the provisions of the Convention? What individual rights does the Convention give each child? How are children's rights protected in Danish law and practice? The authors try to address these issues both on a general level and by looking at specific areas of Danish law in which children's rights appear to be under pressure or give rise to further investigation. 

The book is aimed at a Scandinavian audience with insight into the social structures of Nordic welfare States and their organization. However, the book may easily appeal to a wider readership but with the proviso that the chapters of the book presuppose some knowledge of the authorities and forms of regulation in Scandinavian countries.

The authors are primarily researchers at the Department of Law at Aalborg University, but Nordic colleagues in the field of child law have also contributed to the book.









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"I denne bog kaster en antal danske og nordiske forskere lys over forskellige problemstillinger med relation til konventionen, f.eks. strafferetlige spørgsmål, velfærdsrettigheder, ligebehandling, retten til uddannelse og flygtningerettigheder."
- Ugeskrift for Retsvæsen, den 26. juni 2020